Buried Truths!
by Julie Spencer

No hidden secrets! I can’t overstate enough the importance of getting real with your hair stylist. When I do a consultation with a client I am not only trying to find out what you like, but I am digging up secrets about the history of your hair. What products and/or procedures have been used on your hair and how long ago did this all happen? Why is this important to ask? You hair has a layered history. The cortex of your hair maybe buried under layers of color, highlights, conditioning treatments, or keratin treatments but it holds a history.

I recently had a new client in my chair with very dark hair wanting highlights. I asked the standard questions about cut and style. Did she want color? Did she want a new style? How much time did she want to spend on her hair daily? If she had color, when was it done and how long ago? She casually told me that she had color done on her hair at a different salon and that was all that had been done. Her hair was in fairly good condition with some dryness on the ends. I rephrased the question and asked her about other services she may have had done to her hair, “Nope,” she replied, “that’s it.” I set about applying product to her hair. I quickly discovered during processing that not only had she been darkening her hair, but at some point it had been highlights! This was NOT a good discovery. Visually, her hair was healthy, however, within the layer of cortex her hair could not withstand the strength of product applied to her hair. I had to change the game plan quickly to avoid any further damage to her hair. Not all stylist care about the integrity of your hair but I do. I’ve talk clients out of services before just for this reason. I make decisions about what processes and procedures I do on what information I’m given about your hair.

Please tell your stylist whatever you have had done to your hair in the past, even if it is embarrassing! It is far less embarrassing to share the facts about your hair than have a brand new very SHORT hair do that you didn’t want. If you have had purple hair with green streaks, tell her. If you don’t, your hair will.

by Julie Spencer

If there is one thing in life you can always count on, it’s change. We are
surrounded with changes everyday and sometimes we don’t even realize how
fast things happen.   We advance in our careers, have children, buy homes
and create our lives. As we age, hopefully we gain knowledge and come to
understand the statement, “if I could be your age again…!”  Can you
imagine what the world would be like if a 20 year old had the life
experiences and wisdom of a 70 year old?

The key to change is how well you deal with it. Some people can’t stand
change. They find comfort in the predictability of things staying the same
each day.  Others embrace change and even create it to avoid boredom. In the
Studio we deal with people making changes everyday. Clients may want a
slightly darker hair color or something a bit more noticeable, like a full
head of curls. We follow trends and continue to learn the latest techniques
to keep up with the ever changing world we live in.  We try to help our
clients understand the need taking care of one’s self, be it with a protein
conditioning treatment for dry hair, or taking time out of their busy
schedules to get a well deserved pedicure.

Over the next few months you will be seeing some drastic changes at The
Phoenix Studio.  Teresa Hayes has decided to leave the Studio and venture
out on her own again.  She expressed a desire to find herself and we wish
her all the best wherever she may land. She wanted to create an environment
which makes her happy, and we hope she is able to do so. In the meantime, we
are excited about the changes we have planned. We are looking forward to
expanding our business, our space, and will continue to offer the quality
services you deserve!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to
call either Tia or myself personally. We want you to feel as comfortable at
The Phoenix Studio as you do in your own home.  We want to thank you in
advance for your support during this transition and greatly appreciate any
referrals you may send our way!

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

Mohandas Gandhi

The Balancing Act We Call Life!
by Julie Spencer

We want to take a moment of your time to Thank you for all your support and
encouragement this past year.  We’ve had so many changes in our personal and
professional lives, it’s even amazing to us.  We love sharing the world
we’ve created with our clients and hope you enjoy our space as much as we
do.  Very few of us can honestly say they enjoy their jobs but we can and
do. It’s wonderful to come to work each day to be greeted with your smiles
and encouragement.  We love the positive energy you bring to us each day.
Many of you have come to us for years.  You’ve watched us grow and build as
we’ve worked at establishing ourselves in our new Studio.  Hard to believe
but it’s been almost 2 1/2 years now!  We appreciate your patience and
understanding as we work through the growing pains of starting a new
business.  For those of you who are new to The Phoenix Studio, it’s been a
pleasure getting to know each of you and we hope you become part of The
Phoenix Studio Family.

Hopefully, you will be hearing more from us in the very near future.  We are
excited about the next chapter and can’t wait to share it with all of you.
We will do our best to continue this form of communication to keep you
updated.  It’s been a learning process to say the least. So check out our
little newsletter and come by The Phoenix Studio soon.  Our door is always

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

Feb 19

Am I getting too old…
by Julie Spencer

“Am I getting too old to have long hair?”

Women ask me this question all the time. I’m going to be completely honest here. There is no hidden book of traditions which all women must adhere to when it comes to aging. There are no expectations concerning hair when a women hits age 30,40,50, or 60.
I’ve seen women with long beautiful hair 60 and well past. I would have a very hard time cutting it off just for the sake of their age. I’ve also had younger women in their 20’s struggling to grow out their hair knowing full well they would never get the look they were seeking. It would never look full and healthy! However, that short spunky do would be just adorable!
So instead of asking me if your too old for long hair, ask yourself this question:

*Is my hair healthy?

Condition! Condition! Condition!

This point can’t be stressed enough. If your hair is in poor condition, how can it look good? A good hydrating or protein conditioner is recommended at least once a month if you live in Arizona!

Also, having you hair regularly trimmed helps keep the hair from looking thin and gnarly at the ends. On average, hair grows about ¼ inch per month.

Beyond this, I feel it’s your decision. I don’t believe there is any set rule about your age and your locks. If it looks healthy, stylish, and you feel good about it, let it flow!

Taking care …
by Julie Spencer

It was a quiet afternoon as I sat awaiting my next client. Laughter, music, and happy voices filled the air. Folks were enjoying their wine and food at Maizes. I watched a happy two-year-old dance around the fountain in front of my window. Her energy was enlightening! Then I noticed the baby’s mom. She sat in sharp contrast to everything around her Her shoulders drooped. Her head looked as if her arms were holding it aloft. She looked utterly exhausted and alone. I felt a kinship with her immediately. I suspect many women would. I wondered if this woman ever did anything for herself? I imagine her life revolves around being a good mom, wife, sister, daughter, and employee. I wondered if she ever gave herself a pat on the back? I wondered if she ever carved out time for herself?

As doctors and scientists now understand, taking care of yourself mentally and physically translates into a happy, healthy human. Women are the worst offenders. There is always something more important to do: clean the bathroom, take junior to the dentist, visit parents, help out at school. Why not create some special time for yourself? Getting a pedicure, a manicure, or even a new shade of blonde may do the trick. Give yourself a little gift that will make everyone around you happy.

Stay healthy,

Stepping out of the box
by Julie Spencer

How many times have you stood in front of the mirror, looking at yourself and thought, “I need a new look!” While most of us have done this from time to time in our lives, there are a few who just can’t take the steps necessary to get that “new” look. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut. In this industry we refer to this as stepping out of the box. In other words, get OUT of your comfort zone and try something different. This could be as simple as trying a new polish color on your toes, or new hair color. When you go to your stylist, you will usually have a brief conversation at the beginning of your appointment. Your technician is fishing for information about what you would like to do and how ready you are to step out of your box. Are you really ready to go bright red or do you just want a hint of red? You may ask for a shorter style but you also mention the desire to have the ability to pull your hair back in a ponytail. You may say you want something different but if your not clear about what you want your going to end up with the same look. I pride myself on giving my clients what they desire. I always have a bit of fun when a client sits down and says, “do whatever you want.” I study them seriously for a few moments and say “I’m thinking a green Mohawk will look stunning on you!” The initial expression of my client is priceless and the joke is always worth the giggles which follow.

So are you ready for a change? You may need to change stylists, give up the easy ponytail, or take the giant step of trying a new hair color. Express your desire clearly to your stylist, be willing to step out of the box if you truly want something different, and enjoy your new look.

by Julie Spencer
If you are asking yourself the question, the answer is YES you need a pedicure!

Why are pedicures so taboo for men? Do you honestly think you don’t deserve it? I’ve seen grown men blush at even the thought of getting a pedicure! It’s just silly! Pedicures were never designed for just women! Men need to care for their feet just as much, maybe more, than women. And guess what, Fred, women DO notice your feet as well as your hands. It should just be a part of your monthly routine. Most men give more attention to their cars! Really? 

Regular pedicures not only keep your feet looking good but also healthy, After you soak in our bamboo foot bath filled with detoxifying herbs, your nails will be trimmed straight across and cuticles pushed back and removed if necessary. This is done to avoid those nasty ingrown toes nails or hang nails which can lead to infection. Any calluses are gently removed using a foot file or pumice stone. You will be treated with our special sugar scrub which sloughs off dry dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling soft and moist or our cooling moisturizing foot mask. Our foot mask is designed to condition the skin as it cools your feet. Lastly you will be treated a lotion massage which increases circulation, relaxes tired muscles as well as moisturizes your legs and feet. Your nails will be buffed to remove any slight ridges while giving them a light healthy shine. We will be happy to apply a clear polish designed just for men, but that would of course be your choice.

So FRED consider getting a pedicure as essential as getting a haircut or an oil change. Of course, you are more than welcome to get your pedicures at The Phoenix Studio. As a special incentive, we will offer 20% off your first pedicure. It’s just something you should do to look and feel your best!

Apr 02

by Julie Spencer

Several years ago, before B-busters opened, I would frequent a small video rental store in my neighborhood. I still remember the name, Choice Video. It was a small store with a small selection of videos available to rent. Their prices were reasonable and they had me as a loyal customer for years. Why? Quite simply, they knew my name. When I walked in the door I would hear, “Hey Julie, how ya doing today?” Never fail! It didn’t matter who was working behind the counter or how busy it was. It was MY video store!

Over the next few years B-buster opened it doors offering a huge selection and at a lower price. I continued to take my business to Choice Video until they were finally overshadowed by the mega giant and forced to close their doors. When you walk into one of these mega stores, you will usually get a “Hi” by the hired on greeter, but rarely do people acknowledge the greeting. It’s lifeless! It’s just not possible for the wallymart greeter to remember the thousands of customers who walk through their doors everyday.

Our focus at The Phoenix Studio is to establish and maintain a relationship with each of our clients. People are not forced to take their business to the fast paced mega stores on every corner. You have a choice! You don’t have to settle for the 15 minute haircut, or a 30 minute pedicure! Not all brows are shaped alike. You don’t have to be the next number in line! You can rely on the same person being there time and time again as you grow into a new style! You can trust in receiving a one on one personal service every time! You can find comfort coming into our little studio where everyone knows your name!

Contact us
  • 6115 N. 7th Street Suite 16, Phoenix, AZ 85014
  • Phone: (602) 571-4493


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03/22/2017 6:48pm

Three years ago, I got a horrible haircut from a popular salon. The hairstylist asked about what type of cut and treatment do I want done. He didn't even ask me about the condition of my hair. He went straight into choosing what product to use on me, and he chose the most expensive one. When I complained, they just told me that he just did what I want and that it wasn't his fault that I didn't specify on what kind of product I want. It was a terrible experience. Kudos to you for going the extra mile for your clients.

04/01/2017 12:28pm

You should continue to post these short stories here. They are amazing. I love them.

04/02/2017 3:40am

I have no studion now! But, in the nearest time, I will try to make my own small studio!

05/02/2017 12:13am

The post is very amazing and have a very good content. I will finish reading all the stories that you share. I think that you are a very great writer, because of all the wonderful stories that you've made. My friends like this kind of stories, they have a hobby of reading books. I think this will make them happy and will enjoy reading your stories.

05/17/2017 8:10am

Every girl should take time to take care of herself and her body, as this is very important.


I believe that there are no women who can not have long hair, which she likes and suits her type.


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